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At EG Production Build, we are the regions #1 supplier of both electrical and low voltage services. We provide a holistic solution set that enhances client engagement, improves customer service metrics, and heightens our builders’ brand imagine.

We are committed to protecting what matters most and are here to help you reimagine and rebuild the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. 

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What We Do

Unplug and plug in the power of EG Production Build’s whole home automation interface. As 2020s Top Ten Home Automation Group, we provide a smart automation system that adapts to your needs.

Create custom rules to automate your model home and set the perfect environment with the click of a button. We integrate all our products on a single dashboard and execute your model home staging with the precision needed to deliver a seamless experience for you and your customer. We also provide point-to-point access control, delivering our robust wireless network capabilities prior to a utility ever stepping foot on your site.


Looking to the future, Emilygrene Corp. is leading the zero-net energy (ZNE) initiative undertaken by several cities and states including our home state California. The company is currently evolving its immense experience in the commercial and industrial landscapes to deploy energy efficiency in residential markets through their EG Home & EG Build divisions dedicated to effective smart home technologies.

EG Build is working in close partnership with not only production homebuilders to design systems that reduce household energy consumption, but also to educate homeowners on the benefits of smart technologies, sub-metering, and real-time monitoring assets along with home automation that maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners eager for a home theater with crisp surround sound right in their living rooms are encouraged to work with an EG Build consultant to let their imaginations “go wild” and design the perfect custom smart home.

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We fuse the sophistication with elegance and design to heighten your brand’s imagine.

The possibilities are endless, but the choice is clear. EG BUILD.