Electrical & Low Voltage Services

Electrical & Low voltage​

EG Production Build is an integrated service expert for our production home building clients.

From electrical, low voltage to cutting-edge smart home technologies, our service platform is nationwide and under one roof. Whether it be ensuring builds are using updated electrical codes, managing home network setups, or customizing option plans designed for specific communities, your master plans can rest assured they will be efficient, state of the art, and built responsibly for your customers and the planet.

We specialize in production homes. We install single family, multi-family, and custom homes for homeowners and residential developers nationwide. We offer comprehensive electrical services, including underground, boxing, wiring, hot check, and finish to homeowners and residential developers nationwide. Our electrical and low voltage offering’s culmination makes EG Build a holistic enterprise that can meet all home production companies’ needs from rough to finish.

We  have years of historical data with critical insight into the evolving product and style trends to help guide you on your selection of low voltage and electrical packages. As your partner, we will help you use our proprietary analytics results to tailor your product offerings and pricing by the community to drive more profitable option sales. 

Our specialized sales consultants also guide the homebuyer through the builder included features, as well as helping them in customizing their home, with the builder offering enhancement options. 

Sustainable Solutions​​

We are committed to delivering cleaner solutions for our customers. From dimmer switches & motion control to energy-efficient heating and programmable thermostats, we partner with our builders to create an efficient environment that saves energy and time. 

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