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Build For The New Normal

EG Build was built with the commitment to a brighter, cleaner future and believes that the opportunity, choice, and freedom connectivity brings should be available to everyone. 

With our holistic suite of smart solutions, automation, robust wifi capability, energy-efficient lighting, and security systems, homes of all sizes can access the data and technology that they need to stay connected.

From addressing the need for speed and improving systems to streamlining the devices throughout your model home, EG Build has got you covered. 

Design and Optimization Solutions

We can transform your vision for your next project into reality through our holistic suite of services that will bring your next model home to life. From comprehensive model home design and optimization to option design package development, we can achieve it if you can dream it. EG Build’s design team creates award-winning communities and campuses nationwide designed with your homebuyers’ needs in mind.

Electrical and Low Voltage Services​

EG Production Build is an integrated service expert for our production home building clients. From electrical, low voltage to cutting edge smart home technologies our service platform is nationwide and under one roof. Our electrical and low voltage offering’s culmination makes EG Build a holistic enterprise that can meet all home production companies’ needs from rough to finish.

Digital Lifestyle Solutions​

As customers begin to work and learn from home, the need for reliable and robust networks and wifi is paramount. We offer a full array of proprietary components to build a robust and consistent home network to help deliver reliable wifi so your customers can stay connected. Our whole home automation offering includes automated rules, intelligent lights, integrated speakers, point-to-point wireless access, and more.


EG Build also offers a full suite of interactive residential security solutions tailored to support a wide range of businesses, from a single property to multi-location enterprises. As part of our world-class security offering, EG Secure’s interactive interface lets you know what’s happening at your property at any time. We give you the peace of mind your property is safe, no matter where you are in the world.

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We fuse the sophistication with elegance and design to heighten your brand’s imagine.

The possibilities are endless, but the choice is clear. EG BUILD.